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[03 May 2006|02:08am]

It's been awhile since this area has been updated. Tonight was a hoot, it definitely helped me unwind after the stressfull pre-defense day I've had. Happy birthday Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[16 Jul 2005|08:46pm]

I thought something was odd, so I put this picture under a microscope and...well, words can't describe it. You'll have to see for yourself...

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more blockbusters [03 Jun 2005|04:21pm]

[ mood | kooky ]

Not content to let a good cash cow go un-milked, the studio quickly ordered another script based on the Taheau license thanks to the strength of the first, which goes into production tomorrow. This time they suggested I craft a superhero movie, to capitalize on the popularity of comic-to film adaptations. Here it goes:

By day he is Michael Jeffrey Gilday, traffic guard. By night, he is The Purveyor, agent of Taheau, a beneficent trinity of the world's brightest minds and most able bodies. Together they stand up for what is right and good and most of all, American.

Seldom are these heroes forced to face evil united, for it would take a crisis of the utmost seriousness and highest stakes to stir these heroes to cross the gaps between their remarkable home cities. But when a great evil rears its ugly head and the heroes of Taheau unite, evil quivers in its black leather booties.

Sarah Lukianov, with her deadly syringes and impeccable throwing accuracy is feared in drug running circles, known in silent whispers as 'Diabeating'.

Michael Gilday, alias 'The Purveyor', trained by martial artists the world over and possessing a keen intellect and near infinite financial resources, he hunts evil by night and from the shadows he strikes fear into the hearts of those who make fear their business.

Finally we come to Taheau's founder, the amyzing Amy Tatreau, whose alias also serves as the name of the group. Last survivor of a doomed planet, a wondrous peacefull world whose memory elicits a contemplative scowl on her face, she was sent to Earth in the hopes that she would be raised by good, decent Americans. Her mental powers are remarkable, able to force weakminded criminals into submission without confrontation by unleashing her scowl of submission. Always fighting for right, this staunch sense of purpose often puts her into conflict with Diabeating and The Purveyor, both known to regard criminals with contempt and treat them with ruthlessness and violence.

Yet where these heroes differ in tactics they are alike in pupose, fighting always for justice and serving as an example to the world, Taheau will fight until crime as we know it is a memory!

Yet, where there are heroes there must be villains, and the dreaded "Pack of Ten Bitches" serves the dastardly role of being the antithesis of Taheau in purpose. And then there's the ever changing Rogue's Gallery Taheau faces, ranging from galactic conquerors to the villainess known only as "Reich #4", who threatened to tear the group apart with a vicious web of lies and deceit, and just plain terrible jokes.

COMING THIS SUMMER: Bruce Campbell as...The Purveyor! Zooey Deschanel (the girl from Elf and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) as...Diabeating! And starring Jennifer Connelly as...Taheau!

Coming May 3rd, 2006!

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The Summer Action Movie of the Year [02 Jun 2005|04:39pm]

[ mood | adventurous ]

Critics of late have accused we at Amy Taheau of "not getting enough action" lately. What does this mean? We think it means they want more explosions, so that's what I'm going to give them:

Today was an okay day at work. Standard standing in the road stuff as usual, thinking about my UMaine buds and maybe visiting them soon. Suddenly a huge semi comes barrelling by, almost taking out the bucket truck and my esteemed co-worker Jack! Enraged I toss my stop sign to the ground in anger, removing my hard hat so the rage might broil upward from my scalp all the more efficiently. I give chase, the semi disapearing into the horizon...

My knowledge of the backroads of Southbury/Woodbury/Middlebury/New Milford/Litchfield is too great however, and using my slick Taheau-sense I am able to intuit where he is headed and cut him off. Leaping onto the semi with the aid of the enchanted coat of dexterity, given to me by Amy, I prepare to make the driver feel my wrath.

It is suddenly, and without warning that three black clad ninjas appear from clouds of smoke, brandishing fierce katanas and flashing ninja stars like a dealer at a blackjack table. I grimace, I am not properly armed for such a fight, and then I remember only a fool trusts his life to a weapon...

Dodging their strikes I find the ninja's menacing appearances to be mere fronts, dispatching them with ease off the side of the semi. It must be going 90 miles an hour...wait, what's that?! A schoolbus! This fiend doesn't care who he kills!

What to do? Save the kids and lose the driver, or stop the driver and lose the kids...It's not even a question. Leaping from the semi I land on the school bus and inform the driver of the situation as quickly and briefly as possible, eliciting a cool and calm maneuver to get the kids out of harm's way. Here's to proper job training, it's the American way!

Running at breakneck pace I pray my next shortcut gets me to the semi in time and yes! It does! I leap onto it once more, this time on its side, crawling and sliding so slowly toward the door, when a huge fat woman steps out of the passenger side and aims a shotgun at me! Caught off guard my gut reaction causes me to fling my lucky penny, which I had been clutching this whole time for comfort, right into the barrell of the gun causing it to backfire! The fat woman's mangled form falls to the road below like so much roadkill. I continue toward my ultimate confrontation with the driver, remembering a cool bit of advice the one and only Sarah Lukianov once gave me...

"Mike, smile!"

I open the passenger side door, look the grimy driver in his glaucoma infested eyes, and smile. He stares back at me, confused, unsure why this man who just killed his favorite hooker and his three best ninja buddies is smiling, and slyly I drop eight pounds of C-4 explosives on the floor. I then wave, and perform a back handspring off the semi and onto the grassy side of the road behind me. I watch the semi for a bit, contemplating what the driver is thinking, and then press the detonator.

The fire of the explosion is bright, much like it must have been at the start of the universe. A swirl of fire and debris and light, heat so intense you think your skin might melt. As the fires and debris settle, I remove a camel from its resting spot behind my ear, light it with my black zippo, and thank Taheau I'm alive.

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re-post [21 May 2005|02:00am]

[ mood | crazy ]

In response to a quiz posed by Amy, I had to tell one of the following things (it should be noted I got special dispensation to answer each question, whereas all others were forced to answer but one ;-D)

-Secret: When I buy myself food I often purposely make sure it has meat in it so my sister won't eat it. For example: I buy pizza bagels with pepperoni on them.

-Compliment: Who else would I think of buying gallons of water for on reflex whenever I enter a supermarket? Only Amy is Amy-rific enough to warrant such an honor ;)

-Complaint: You don't spend nearly enough time in CT, specifically the Southbury-area.

-Song lyrics: "The nightmares, the bad dreams, have become reality, at least inside my mind yeah, no words that you say could ever make me wanna change, forgive me, not when it comes to this crime. I met her before you, she wore the sweetest perfume, her scent reminds me of our first date, I still taste our last kiss, her name still falls from my lips, she burns just like an old flame. Hey, hey, I shouldn't speak her name, but she's always on my mind. Hey, hey, I wouldn't make you change, so don't expect me to try. Every fault, every flaw, your picture's still on my wall, there's not a thing about you that I would change. Say goodnight, say goodbye, I think of you when I'm high, I know someday you'll be doing the same..." -Fenix TX, "Katie W" (I hate writing song lyrics. I read them and they just don't sound as good as they do in song-form.)

-Memory: Which to choose? Our Cutler excursion, or the plays we attended, the time you and Ryan and I went to the mall and I got a haircut, watching The Secretary, Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut, but I think I prefer all the little late night chats we had just before heading to our respective beds.

-10 words: Amazing, Beautiful, Bruise, Dancing, Epic-Poem, Incorrigible, Intelligent, Neighbor, Swinging, Underwear.

-Haiku: Title - "Taheau"
She is like a rock
Strong as cold stone in the wind
Never wavering.

-Anonymous comment: So this guy told me to tell you without telling you who he was that the coat you gave him has been working out really well and it's been to some fun places like: New York City for a concert, Richie's house to watch Family Guy, Brannan's to watch Star Wars and Conan, the hilarious Southbury town meeting, and finally to the 12:10 a.m. showing of Star Wars: Episode III. Who knows where it will go next?

I felt this deserved it's own post, and where better than in Amy Taheau's first summer update?

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Run to your dreaming when you're alone [04 May 2005|02:50am]

it is 10 to 3 in the am and I just found meaning in my birthday. i finished reading the novel mike gave me as a present:) i have felt truly loved by few people in my life, and have found few good friends, but tonight i feel it...honest caring.
it was a horrible day but now i just feel silly for all the things i let bother me. i know it's cheesy and i know it is overdone, but when it comes down to it, the most important things in life are the peopel who love you. every now and then it is nice to be reminded of that, and tonight, after endless stress, inability to sleep, and a close encounter with that person i was in high school...mike reminded me. i am tired beyond sanity, yet i think i can sleep now, knowing i have people who love me, with a new goal to not take them and all the good times for granted.
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A very special day... [03 May 2005|01:51am]

[ mood | Amyfied ]


In lieu of the occassion I thought it would be perfect to post the following pic:

Enjoy your special day Amy...even though it's laden with three finals (lame). Sorry about that, but remember: Happy birthday!

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this explains a lot [18 Apr 2005|12:52am]

[ mood | scared ]

Seifer XV (12:41:24 AM): the picture of amy transforming is hilarious
balderdash2o8 (12:41:33 AM): haha it was so scary
balderdash2o8 (12:41:38 AM): notice how red her eyes are
Seifer XV (12:42:33 AM): ones red the other is yellow
Seifer XV (12:42:34 AM): so weird
Seifer XV (12:42:36 AM): but cool!
balderdash2o8 (12:43:33 AM): hahaha
balderdash2o8 (12:43:38 AM): what the hell is wrong with her retinas
Seifer XV (12:45:16 AM): theres something evil inside amy sarah
Seifer XV (12:45:26 AM): i fear we must excorcise it before time grows too late!
balderdash2o8 (12:45:40 AM): hahaha
balderdash2o8 (12:48:44 AM): i think it is time i go to bed
balderdash2o8 (12:48:51 AM): amy's picture scares me too much
Seifer XV (12:48:54 AM): haha
Seifer XV (12:49:09 AM): be sure to have some kind of religious icon nearby that you might be protected from the demon!
balderdash2o8 (12:49:58 AM): hahaha
balderdash2o8 (12:49:59 AM): i do i do!
Seifer XV (12:50:11 AM): excellent
Seifer XV (12:50:18 AM): i will keep one tucked near me as i sleep too
balderdash2o8 (12:50:28 AM): good luck, and God bless
balderdash2o8 (12:50:33 AM): and...goodnight
Seifer XV (12:50:35 AM): and tomorrow we will plot the fall of this wretched creature in a manner that doesnt harm our dear and mutual friend!
Seifer XV (12:50:41 AM): yes, blessed be your dreams sarah!
balderdash2o8 (12:50:48 AM): it is done

to view the picture in question...go here--> http://client.webshots.com/photo/324213733/324231756ovkqgf

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"waa na na la ba na"-sparta [13 Apr 2005|06:16pm]

[ mood | irish creeeeeeamed ]

i have been following in amy's talon-prints as of late and been drinking much more coffee than my system is used to. at present, my hands are shaking and i can't rid myself of this great urge to dance. thank you, amy, thank you for showing me HOW TO LIVE

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[03 Apr 2005|12:19pm]

Last night Amy stole pot out of my wallet and left it in her 30 year old friend's super nice quad up stairs and I yelled at her because I'm not a pot head and now the cops were going to find it and arrest me. Then I felt bad so we held hands and skipped away on a quest to find my missing weed. The woman's quad was really sweet, with antique furniture and stuff, and then after tearing up her couch I woke up.
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yeah yeah [21 Mar 2005|04:09pm]

[ mood | vampire ]

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[03 Mar 2005|07:38pm]

Amy remember that time we were in the gym and that song was playing, and we were trying to figure out which pop/punk/rock chick it was because they all sound the same? Ultimately we were sure it was Avril, but I just caught the video and it turns out it was Kelly Clarkson, the winner of one of the American Idles. They really do all sound the same...
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[28 Feb 2005|12:58pm]

Seifer XV: how are you this fine monday afternoon?
PaP IlIo 85: good good...i shoudl be doing work
Seifer XV: work? are you kidding?
Seifer XV: like...house work?
PaP IlIo 85: yah exactly
Seifer XV: oh really? what part of the house are you working on?
PaP IlIo 85: i'm polishign the silverwear
PaP IlIo 85: silverware
Seifer XV: oh really?
Seifer XV: well thats cool i guess
Seifer XV: (youre not kidding around with me right?)
PaP IlIo 85: yah im totally shitting you
Seifer XV: whyyy you know me im like puddy in your hands
Seifer XV: you could say you were off baking babies for your delicious baby pie and i would respond, "sounds tasty"
PaP IlIo 85: hahaha
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AAAAAAAAAAmy-ful day! [20 Feb 2005|11:10pm]

[ mood | It's an Amy ]

So...Today Amy, Stefan and I ventured to the gym where we turned our flab bodies into fab bodies. Afterwards we got smoothies, Amy and I that is, which I paid for since Amy had given me a guest meal after my Maine card's unexpected defection from Pocketon this morning. (Side note: Maine card has returned to Pocketon thanks to Agent Lehning's stalwart eye.)

Returning to Colvin, Alex was watching a movie I might want to see at some point, so I was chilling in Amy's room sippin' my #22 smoothie. Naturally Amy walks over and, doing what any able minded person would, squeezes my cup with the expectation that the plastic will snap back into place. Unfortunately, she overestimated the elasticity of the cup and proceeded to cause its contents to explode outward in an effort to escape their plastic prison. Having been resting on the arm of 221's futon, the contents proceeded to drip downward, onto Lauren's bags and the floor Tony once puked on many years ago. I had to drink what remained of my tasty protein bonanza in a Shrek cup...

As if that weren't enough, while waiting for the movie to end Amy and I conversed some. During one of the lulls, Amy got up and walked by the TV and then proceeded to rehearse her surprise birthday present for Stefan: A fully choreographed Russian dance. It was incredible, I've never seen legs that went so high. Unfortunately Amy has yet to get over her stage fright and when our RA Andrea walked by she got all flustered and embarassed. Don't worry Amy, Stefan will love it.

-Amy should post about what she said to Stefan while sleep-talking
-Sarah should post more in general
-Amy rules

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rundown [06 Feb 2005|01:59am]

[ mood | Is Alex coming home? ]

-Amy drank all my milk
-Amy ate my Nesquik out of the can
-Amy threw down the gauntlet...twice
-Amy mutilated my karo syrup, cell phone holder, and can holder all in one swift motion
-Amy was, before the movie was over, "So done with Conan" she left the room in a diva-like fashion
-Amy exels at heckling Kyle
-Amy wants to work while the Super Bowl is on. I think this is a bad idea. I think she should hang out and eat subs with us. I'll pay her 28 dollars to if she needs money that badly. I hate football so I need someone to help me focus on non-Kyle sounds for awhile.
-Amy somehow became the focus of this list, which I swear was going to be a list of all the funny things that happened, but now look at it...it's been Amy-fied!
-Amy, had she been anyone else, might have annoyed me with some of these actions...but she's Amy...so it's cool.
-Amy is Amy-zing.
-Mike is out of ideas, and may have stretched his creativity too thin.

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oops [02 Feb 2005|11:41pm]

Umm...Amy...I may have accidentally quit your job for you...Sorry about that. Apparently the "terminate" button means terminate employ, not the web browser...I'm really sorry...

Just kidding. Rate the humor of this on a scale of 1-10.
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[24 Jan 2005|12:01am]

Amy, remember the "seahorses make great mudders" joke you mentioned a while back? Well, I just remembered an episode of Seinfeld I saw recently called "The subway" or something like that. Anyway, Kramer overhears these guys talking about a horse race and one of them mentions a horse that's going to surprise win for sure. The other mentions that it rained the other night so the other guy goes, "He loves the slop, and...his father was a mudda, and his mother was a mudda." Keep in mind this is with a New York accent, so 'mudder' sounded like 'mudda'. Anyone, I thought it was funny when I saw that and I thought of your little post. So...here's my reply.
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[05 Jan 2005|10:33am]

PaP IlIo 85: mah
Seifer XV: mah/
PaP IlIo 85: mah?
PaP IlIo 85: boo
Seifer XV: whats wrong?
PaP IlIo 85: haha nothing
Seifer XV: heh well then
PaP IlIo 85: this is going in taheau
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[14 Dec 2004|02:22pm]

Amy, I think I should take your Navigation test for you tomorrow since it doesn't matter what you get on it, I think it'd be kind of cooky and fun!
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[09 Dec 2004|12:56am]

It should be noted that I had the opportunity to post in Amy's livejournal and read all her private entries (again!), and I didn't. I am a wonderfull human being.

I'm just kidding...I'm okay.
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